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Dinamika Pilkada di Tengah Pandemi dalam Memenuhi Amanat Konstitusi

Ulfa Umayasari, Robi Cahyadi Kurniawan


Indonesia as a democratic country is facing its own challenges in times of pandemic. The Democratic Party that initially planned its implementation in the middle of 2020, should be willing to be postponed to the end of the year precisely at the beginning of December for some considerations. The government consisting of Ministry of Home Affairs (KEMENDAGRI), DPR RI, KPU, and BAWASLU have agreed to implement the elections in the pandemic. Fundamental considerations were taken because as many as 270 areas need to be led head areas that have strong legitimacy to escort various policies in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak in each area. But on the other hand, the Government also has the consequences to make the cash wallet state and area leaked because it will continue to flow to meet the technical needs in the field in the initial process to the end of the implementation of the elections. Many pros and cons over the policies taken. However, the government's optimism needs to have community support and all parties concerned for the successful implementation of the elections 2020. This study used literature review, interview quotes, and review of several references which were analyzed using qualitative methods. The results of the study concluded that the implementation of Pilkada in the midst of a pandemic needs the support of many parties, especially in terms of budget, discipline of health protocols by election organizers and participants and voter political participation.


Regional Head Selection; Pandemic; Dynamics

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